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Thank you Susan Velzy
  Life, Liberty the Pursuit of Happiness
                       Thank You
                 America's Veterans
Thank you Dan (standingbear)
Thank you Jerry Steven
Thank you Jerra Quinton
The 8th Annual San Antonio Texas POWWOW Feb. 19 & 20th
                             NATIVE AMERICAN POW'S
                          WELCOME HOME BROTHERS
My Cherokee Choker's made by Dodie-Kaloke Ryan
The Seneca Indian is Army Major Vickie Morgan Jones, the first woman in Oklahoma and first American Indian woman in the nation to become a helicopter pilot. She is also the first woman to complete air assault school.
My Friend Paul Bunyan also known as Wolf Bear & his wife Dancing Bird
                                          The Lords Prayer
                                              In Cherokee

Ogidoda galvladi hehi, galvgwdigyu gesesdi dejado?v?i. Jagvwiyuhi
gesv wigananugo?i. Ahni elohi winigalsada hadanhtesgv?i, nasgiya
galviadi jinigalsdiha. Nidadodagwisv ogalsdayhdi sgi?vsi kohl iga.
Digesgi?vsigwuhno desgitugv?i, nasgiya jidigayojineho jojitugi. Ali
hlesdi udagoliyediyi gesv widisgiyatinvstanvgi,sgiyudalesgesdigwusgini
uvo gesv?i. I Jajeligayheni Jagvwiyuhi gesv?i, alel jahlanigidiyu gesv?i,
                        ale ejalvgwdiyu gesv nigohilv?i.

Cherokee Rose
The Cherokee Rose is a symbol of the pain and suffering of the "Trail Where They Cried". The mothers of the Cherokee were so grief stricken that the chiefs prayed for a sign....a sign to lift the spirits of the mothers and give them strength to care for thier children. From that day on, a beautiful new flower, a rose, grew wherever a mothers tear fell to the ground. The rose is white - symbolizing the mothers tears. The center is gold - symbolizing the gold taken from the Cherokee lands. Seven leaves on each stem - symbolizing the seven Cherokee clans that made the journey. (Bird, Plant, Deer, Blue, Wolf, Long Hair, Wild Potato) To this day, the Cherokee Rose grows and abounds along the route of the "Trail Of Tears".
Thank you Jonathan C. Davis Managing Editor
              of Eye Witness to History
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